My self help stories

No matter are you a man or a woman, no matter are you young or old, no matter in which part of the world you are living- if you are depressed, anxious, living with stress, with PTSD, (Post-traumatic stress disorder) if you are having phobias or insomnia- you are on excellent place!
Discover how much power you have inside yourself !
I’ll not invoke to you like a psychologist. Now, I am not psychotherapist and you are not my clients. I am just one ordinary, woman to which university diploma didn’t help to solve problems, but my personal exposures did! That you can do too! Listen carefully what I’ll tell you…
My life has not been a fairy tale and I am not modern Cinderella. I have growth in four member’s family: father, mother, older brother and me. My parents have academic educated and we have belonged to higher middle social class. In those times, that position granted determined possibilities: to travel, to own big apartment, to have a had access allowed was my present husband, with which to that moment, I was being 10 years in relationship. In that moment I was a most lonely woman in the world, but that feeling I didn’t can defeat. Nights were my biggest enemies. I was suffering of insomnia, which was caused my not sleeping at all. When on all of that, we add my depression; I was one completely in functional person. I was afraid of solitude, darkness, nights and sounds. In addition to claustrophobia, which I had already, some of those fears become phobias. I was afraid of living. Because I was sensually and phenomenological blunt, I became not interested for sex. I had frequently hysterical attacks. And my mental capacities were used only for working out suicidal ideas. My mental health was seriously ruined! Are You understanding me now and do You think that I can understand you?

Mental Health and Food, but first to introduce myswlf

About me:
You can call me Mimmy. I am 32, and during that time I only have succeed, to obtain diploma of psychologist. I am living with my husband, in rented apartment, what means that we didn’t still solve housing problem. I am not having children’s jet, because apartment where we are living is too small for both of us. I am psychologist in primary school, and my husband works in travel agency. Salaries are good enough to survive, but not good enough to buy apartment, car or to travel. You would tell: “losers”, but, did it really so? I am not an American girl , originate from country in which have learned that having a soul worth much more than having a money. I am having a soul and because of that, at al times, have been wanted to help others. I don’t want to sell you anything, and I don’t want to taking you any money for lessons how to become health and happy. In this global rapacious world, where millions people, have been waking up, with idea how to grab you something, using your despair and disaster, I will give you something valuable and free! I’ll give you my story, wishing to encourage you to do something similar. Come here, if you wish to found out what is most important in your lives and how to get that!